A self-lubricating liner technology specifically designed for the rigors of aerospace systems

NHBB’s uniquely advanced, machinable liner technology is available as a self-lubricating liner system for various plain bearings, assemblies, and machined parts, or it can work as an anti-fretting barrier, buffer, or coating in any number of mechanical systems. Below are brief descriptions of some of the airframe and engine subsystems in which Oscimax® can be utilized to enhance wear resistance and operating performance:


Engine Control Systems

Dependable performance across a wide temperature range is a prerequisite for self-lubricating PTFE liners utilized in engine subsystems for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Oscimax self-lubricating liner technology is an excellent choice for a wide range of jet engine control applications, including variable geometry (stator) vane actuators, thrust reverser and thrust vector controls, as well as fuel and air valve actuators.

Flight Control Systems

Consistent wear, long life, and virtually zero moisture gain are defining characteristics of superior self-lubricating liners for flight control applications. Oscimax self-lubricating liner technology is designed to enhance the performance of actuators, links, and pivots found in such flight control systems as ailerons, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, rudders, and rotor pitch angle controls.

Landing Gear

Landing gear applications require self-lubricating bearings with precise fits and high load bearing capabilities, as well as heavy-duty resistance to moisture and corrosion. Since Oscimax is fully machinable from surface to substrate and practically impermeable to moisture and chemicals, it’s an excellent solution for many landing gear subassemblies, including shock struts, down lock systems, and landing gear door control rods.

Aircraft Access Doors and Emergency Exits

Self-lubricating bushings and plain bearings for access and emergency exit doors are designed to provide smooth, easy motion during intermittent service. Thanks to its superior fit and wear characteristics, NHBB’s uniquely advanced machinable liner is an excellent choice for actuators, hinges, levers, and pivot turnbuckles found in various entry and exit doors on commercial and military jets and helicopters.

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