NHBB’s durable and adaptable machinable liner technology

Oscimax® is a uniquely advanced machinable, self-lubricating liner technology developed by NHBB to reduce wear, resist corrosion and moisture, and extend the operating life of bearings and related mechanical assemblies. The patent-pending technology is a homogeneous formulation consisting of a proprietary matrix of thermosetting polymeric resins, PTFE, and various other compounds. Testing of this advanced formulation has demonstrated a performance breakthrough in bearing liner technology.


Wear Resistance

Thanks to its unique selection of compounds and their composition, Oscimax offers superior wear-resistance and operating life for aircraft bearings and assemblies. Test results confirm that Oscimax performs better than any of NHBB’s fabric-based PTFE liners, plus it performs exceptionally well against other machinable, self-lubricating liner solutions. Testing by an independent lab has verified that Oscimax exceeds all performance requirements of AS81934 beyond 100,000 cycles. Even more impressive, tests conducted at ambient temperature with no contaminants have resulted in liner wear rates under .004 in. at approximately one million cycles.

Corrosion and Moisture Resistance

Oscimax is an excellent choice for harsh environments containing moisture and corrosive oils and chemicals. Unlike fabric-based liners, Oscimax is not susceptible to moisture gain, offers superior corrosion resistance for liner substrates, and performs more consistently through temperature changes.


With Oscimax, the liner coating is fully machinable from surface to substrate using conventional drilling, honing, milling, reaming, and turning techniques, enabling customers to achieve exact tolerances, better fits, and superior performance of the bearing assembly.

Application Versatility

Oscimax can be applied to virtually any surface, including bore, OD, flange, chamfer, and flat surface. Once applied, it produces a consistent, secure bond to most metallic surfaces while promoting higher dynamic loads and significantly reduced wear rates.

Design Flexibility

Solutions involving Oscimax evolve from customer concepts in which requirements and specifications are defined and developed collaboratively through the design development process. The technology is available as an add-on to NHBB’s current products, including highly engineered custom assemblies, as well as to customer-supplied machined parts.

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