Durable. Adaptable. Machinable.

A uniquely advanced machinable, self-lubricating liner technology developed by New Hampshire Ball Bearings to reduce wear, resist corrosion and moisture, and extend the operating life of bearings and related mechanical assemblies.

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A Performance Breakthrough

Wear resistance and operating life, corrosion and moisture resistance, machinability, design flexibility – when it comes to the key benefits of self-lubricating liner systems, few alternatives offer the same advantages as Oscimax®. What’s more, testing has confirmed that NHBB’s unique formulation offers a breakthrough in performance.

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Many Uses

Thanks to its versatility, the patent-pending technology can be utilized as a self-lubricating liner and anti-fretting coating in a wide array of engine and airframe systems, including:

Engine Control Systems / Flight Control Systems / Landing Gear
Access Doors and Emergency Exits
/ And More

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Four Versions

The Oscimax brand of machinable self-lubricating liner technology is now comprised of four distinct types. While each one is tailored to offer specific performance characteristics, the entire family covers the full range of life and friction requirements demanded of today’s high performance aerospace applications.

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For various issues related to wear, life, moisture, and corrosion, Oscimax is an ideal solution because of its design flexibility and application versatility. Discover how Oscimax could be integrated into your next project.

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